Is it Ever Okay to Date a Married Man or Woman?


Yesterday on the Steve Harvey Morning Show, a man asked Steve Harvey, “What should I do about finding out if I am the father of an unborn child with a married woman?” Steve proceeded to tell him that there is no future or anything good that can come out of this situation, and to walk away from the situation. As the man kept talking, I was shaking my head and thinking “how did this man get himself in a situation like this to begin with?” He was so blinded spiritually by this situation that he couldn’t see the consequences of possibly losing his own life, by pressing the matter with the woman and her husband.

Many times people choose blessings or curses for their lives by making simple choices. Adultery has the potential of destroying one’s wealth, body, soul, and reputation. Forgiveness is possible (1Cor 6:9-11), but many affects of adultery can sometimes continue throughout someone’s life. No matter how appealing a person makes him or herself, it is never okay to  even consider a married person for a romantic relationship.

For this reason, I wanted to re-post one of OLM’s Relationship Thursday articles titled, “Are You Married, But Living Single?” Please copy & paste the following link into your browser to view the article:

* What are your thoughts on how people can safeguard their marriages from adultery? How can single people stay away from the trick on getting caught up in affairs like this?

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